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Soldering creates permanent electrical connections in electronics,. This joining technique offers reliability, high mechanical strength and space savings. Clean surfaces, suitable soldering tools and precise temperature control are crucial for successful solder joints. The art of soldering requires expertise and practical experience for high quality and repeatable results.
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Crimping in cable assembly is crucial for customized cable connections in the electronics industry. Precise execution is crucial for durable electrical and mechanical connections. The use of high-quality tools, correct cable preparation, appropriate connector selection and accurate crimp force are crucial. Quality control ensures durable, reliable and lightweight cable connections.
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Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding, an advanced joining technique, provides fast, strong and cost-effective joints in industries such as automotive, medical and electronics. The process uses ultrasonic vibrations for clean, versatile and aesthetically pleasing welded joints without adhesives. This meets the highest requirements for strength and precision, making it ideal for demanding joining applications.
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Overmolding cables is a first-class method of protecting electrical connections in industries such as automotive and electronics. Overmolding forms a tough protective layer, increases cable life and improves electrical insulation. Adaptable to different cable types, this technique is extremely versatile and proven in demanding industries.
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Heat-shrink tubing offers a simple and effective method of insulating and protecting electrical connections. The shrinking process, which requires no special tools, provides reliable electrical insulation, protection against moisture and mechanical influences. Versatile in diameters, colors and materials, heat shrink tubing adapts to different requirements.

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Ensuring first-class quality at KEMMLER Electronic is of central importance, especially when it comes to the requirements of the automotive industry. The IATF 16949 certificate acts as a decisive benchmark for compliance with the highest quality standards in all phases of production, from planning to delivery. Here, KEMMLER Electronic not only commits itself to top quality, but also demonstrates its willingness to fulfil the demanding standards of the automotive industry.

The certification emphasises the importance of an efficient quality management system that focuses not only on the end product, but also on the entire manufacturing process. This is particularly relevant at KEMMLER Electronic, as the components we produce are an integral part of vehicles. Errors in the connection technology can not only lead to malfunctions, but also to safety risks.

The IATF 16949 certificate strengthens customer confidence by setting clear guidelines for quality management and continuous improvement. Companies that achieve this certification undergo regular audits to ensure the highest standards. Overall, our certificates help to recognise and rectify potential problems at an early stage, which significantly improves quality.

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