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Wire harness assembly is an indispensable step in the electrical and automotive industry. It enables the production of customized wire harnesses that contain all the necessary connections and components for electrical systems.

Our experts at KEMMLER Electronic are specialists in wire harness assembly and offer you decisive advantages. We manufacture wire harnesses to your exact requirements to ensure they are a perfect fit for your project. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control ensure first-class, reliable products. This results in cost efficiency and time savings as customized solutions reduce material and installation costs.

Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements. Rely on KEMMLER Electronic as your reliable partner for wire harness assembly to successfully implement your projects.

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Overmolded cables >

KEMMLER Electronic offers you individual options such as grommets on cables. You can choose from the following materials, for example TPE / Arnitel / FLRY and silicone.

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Single strands >

Single strands are a crucial component in the electronics and wiring industry. These fine, individually insulated wires offer a wide range of application possibilities. At KEMMLER Electronic, we understand the importance of single strands and offer high quality solutions to meet your requirements.

Our single strands are available in various sizes and materials to meet the specific needs of your projects. These versatile wires are ideal for the production of printed circuit boards, cables and much more. Thanks to their flexibility and insulated coating, they are easy to process and provide reliable electrical connections.

Our single strands are characterized by high quality and durability, which is crucial for the smooth operation of your applications.

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Battery cable sets >

Cable assembly for battery wire harnesses is of great importance in today's world as battery technologies play an increasingly important role in numerous applications, from electric vehicles to renewable energy systems. Precisely assembled cables and wire harnesses are crucial to ensure efficiency and safety in battery-powered applications.

Customized cable assemblies are tailored to the exact requirements of battery systems, increasing not only performance but also safety. Invest in high-quality cable assemblies to ensure the quality and reliability of your battery harnesses With the right cable assembly, you are well equipped for the challenges of the future.

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Customized solutions >

Whatever tomorrow brings, we are ready for your wishes - we love a challenge!

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